Planning a website strategy

Most businesses have a website, but don’t really use it to its full potential. There should be a reason to have a website. It could be as simple as providing a face for customers and potential customers to learn more about you, or it could be an integrated sales system that suggests add ons and upsells to shoppers.

Aside from intrinsically knowing that you need a good website for your business, have you ever asked yourself what your site accomplishes? Of course, the site gives your business credibility. Isn’t every legitimate business online? But.. for what? Some people don’t really think about it too much. They have a business, so they get some nerds to build a website that adequately lets the world know.. “hey I’m here”. The site looks amazing and all that find it are rightfully impressed. Other than existing and proving you have a business, the website simply exists to exist.

Once you realize that your website may not be doing as much for you as possible, it’s time to find out what a great site could do? Such things as providing a channel for feedback from customers, expanding to e-commerce, capturing customer data, and some outside-the-box items such as promotional campaigns or client management, can turn an ordinary website into a valuable goal producing tool.

It all starts with a strategy. What do you want your website to do?

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